May 5, 2010


Don’t Implement E-prescribing with a Blindfold on! Pt 2

  1. Encourage independent pharmacies in your area to become enabled for e prescribing, particularly patient favorites. You can help this effort by directing the pharmacy to Surescripts.
  2. Inform your e prescribing software vendor of any technical issues through their support process. If a patient shows up in a pharmacy and is told the prescription is not there, please report these cases so technical issues can be identified and pharmacy staff can be re-trained if necessary. If you receive fax prescription refill requests from connected pharmacies, please report these cases so corrections can be made to the pharmacy database on prescribers. Do you want additional information on how to handle faxed renewal requests.
  3. Orient patients to e prescribing?
    1. Ensure they understand that it is safer and more efficient.
    2. Ensure they come prepared with their preferred pharmacy.
    3. Direct them to call the pharmacy rather than the practice for prescription renewals.
    4. Consider using signage, recorded phone messages, patient reminder cards to reinforce the message. Do you need more information on patient education materials.

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