June 18, 2010


Don’t Get Left Out in the Cold

Small practices may fear getting left out in the cold by the federal push to adopt Electronic Health Records, but DrFirst can ease your mind. CMS “meaningful use” requirements can seem daunting for small practices with limited resources and support, but DrFirst provides the solution to these concerns with Gold Certified Provider status.
“All health care providers will face hurdles when it comes to shifting to computerized health records,” reports iHealthBeat, “but experts say those challenges likely will be more severe for small practice physicians.” Not to worry though, DrFirst is here to make sure small practices don’t get left out in the cold. With DrFirst’s modular approach, small practices have many options to satisfy their needs. We have partnerships with over 100 vendors from which health care providers can choose one that meets their specific needs. DrFirst offers e prescribing solutions that are right for everyone.

Want to Breathe Easier?

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