December 16, 2009


Does 10 years in the e-prescribing industry qualify me as a “talking head”?

When I graduated from college in 2000 from University of Illinois- Champaign-Urbana (Go Illini!), I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to kick off my career at a brand new start-up health IT company – DrFirst. (A real “dot com”!) We were SO new in fact, that we didn’t even have a logo yet!
As a “Marketing Coordinator” at that time, it was my job to work with the graphic design company and establish the initial design and branding for DrFirst. As a neophyte in the working world, this was a HUGE responsibility. But things changed… After a year, as the company embarked on an intensive R & D effort that would eventually produce the Rcopia electronic prescribing system, we mutually decided that marketing wasn’t an immediate priority, and I left to pursue other opportunities…

…after 3 years I returned to DrFirst, energized and ready to play my part in taking our company to the top of the industry. Since then, I have worn many hats – Director of Account Management, Director of Sales, and my current role as Director of Marketing. In each of these roles I learned something unique and different about the healthcare industry and our clients. I’ve seen the ebb and flow of the industry, and I have been intimately involved with helping the company shape our future.

Which brings me to today- nearly 10 years later:

As the Director of Marketing, it falls under my department to maintain this blog. Our philosophy is to be useful, interesting, on top of the latest healthcare IT news and federal regulations AND, when possible, be entertaining. (Clearly comedy isn’t my forte- don’t worry- I have no plans on quitting my day job.)
It’s our goal to share knowledge and information through this blog several times a week through the thoughts of our CMO, CSO, our President, and various guest bloggers. As a weekly blogger, it is MY goal to provide our existing clients and their staffs interesting tidbits of advice to help them discover ways to enhance office workflow, avoid bumps in the health IT road, and smoothly and successfully transition from standalone e-prescribing to their future EMR.
So, since you know MY goals for this blog, and before this gets way too long (it’s kind of already at that point), my hope for this blog is that it becomes a dialogue between you, me, and our other publishers, and not just a monologue. Comment on the articles you find interesting. Heck, comment on the ones you don’t find interesting and let us know!

I may not be a “talking head” yet, but clearly talking is not an issue for me…

Irene Froehlich
Director of Marketing

About ifroehlich

Ms. Froehlich has been with DrFirst since its inception in 2000. In her role as Director of Marketing, she oversees the planning, directing, and coordinating all marketing and public relations efforts at DrFirst. Ms. Froehlich has a B.S. in Communications from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana.