A new e-Prescribing app is changing mental health care and prescriptions

December 1, 2022

A new e-Prescribing app is changing mental health care and prescriptions

By Sara Wilson | December 1, 2022

A new app called iPrescribe will allow healthcare providers and prescribers to fill prescriptions at patients fingertips.

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BRAZOS COUNTY, Texas — The holiday’s aren’t always a happy time for everyone. For some who struggle with seasonal depression, or the disorder itself, an new e-prescribing app may be the turning point, as it’s looking to change mental health care treatment.

Chief medical officer Colin Banas with DrFirst, an industry leader that created iPrescribe, said that the vastness and efficiency of technology already being heavily used to get prescriptions can only help with improving mental health.

“I mean, who doesn’t need help, especially this time in season?” said Banas.

In return, he said the app makes for a better connection with people whilst debunking the stigma surrounding mental health.

“I think we’re moving the stigma of seeking help, especially when it relates to things like anxiety or depression,” said Banas. “I think it’s on us in the industry to help remove that stigma. You almost cannot call in prescriptions or especially write them by hand.”

According to Banas, the app now gives people a non-traditional care type of setting that doesn’t keep doctors stuck to computers to make prescriptions.

In an emergency situation where patients need prescriptions for anxiety, depression, or any other disorder, the app allows you to access it at your fingertips.

Brazos County Sheriff Wayne Dicky agreed. He explained the severity of the lack resources throughout the BCS after the shutdown of a prominent facility have steered those in need towards the justice system instead of to medical care.

“When we lose a health care provider like the facility on Rock Prairie, that has an impact, so often people end up in the criminal justice system than the mental health care systems,” said Dicky.

He believes the introduction of the app will better connect those in need to a team working to provide care and use the advancement of technology to improve mental health overall.

“We hope for is that the healthcare provide, much earlier in the community before someone’s in crisis.” said Dicky. “And anything that advances that effort will make our community better.”‘

Published by KAGS – December 1, 2022