Price Transparency

Seeing Benefits and Out-of-Pocket Costs is Valuable…if the Data is Accurate

Patients Don’t Take Medications They Can’t Afford

Abandoned Rx at the Pharmacy
Because It Was Too Expensive1

Stopped Prescribed Therapy
Because They Could Not Afford It1

Value-Based Care Requires Transparency

Too often, patients find out the cost of a prescription at the pharmacy counter, when it’s too late. Unfortunately, many provider-facing price transparency systems don’t deliver accurate information.

For price transparency to be effective, it needs to:

  • Come from the patient’s specific insurance plan
  • Have details such as progress against deductibles and pharmacy nuances

Get Accurate Pricing and Benefits Data

Real-Time Benefits Information

With myBenefitCheckTM, providers can view real-time price data directly from the pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) for accurate pricing information while the patient is in front of them.

With this price transparency solution, your customers get access to valuable information directly within the EHR prescribing workflow for 98% of patients in the U.S.:

  • Drug coverage and pricing
  • Personalized formulary alternatives
  • Alternative pharmacy pricing

DrFirst was the first in the industry to provide price transparency to healthcare providers and has processed more than 134 million transactions.

myBenefitCheck is standard functionality in Rcopia®, DrFirst’s e-prescribing solution, or can be integrated into any e-prescribing platform to give your providers access to the best clinical information and highest patient coverage while providing you with the best economic model in the market.

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The health plan seeks to eliminate sticker shock and minimize medication cost barriers for its nearly 400,000 members with myBenefitCheck.

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