Population Health

Fueling Adherence With Medication Data

Populations at Risk

Patients With Hypertension

Hospitalization Rate When
Medications Aren’t Taken as Directed1

People With Diabetes

Miss at Least One Dose
of Medication per Month2

Deliver the Data Your Customers Need

How do providers know if patients are taking their medications as prescribed? The question is important for everyone but is crucial for high-risk patients.

With targeted data, your customers can create effective population health programs that keep groups of patients on track.

MedHxTM PRM (Population Risk Management) delivers the data your customers need to launch value-based care initiatives that improve the health of patient populations and reduce healthcare costs.

“Our clinicians are excited about DrFirst’s ability to provide current, comprehensive, and easy-to-access medication history, which will enhance our ability to deliver the right care at the right time. This is especially important among patients at high risk of complications, such as those with diabetes or congestive heart failure.”

Hanna Park, PharmD

Executive Director of Value-Based Performance, Triad HealthCare Network

Prioritize, Monitor, and Intervene With High-Risk Patients

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