Automated Patient Messaging

Bringing Patients Back Into the Prescribing Process

Too Many Medications Are Abandoned

New Prescriptions Never Picked Up1

2nd Fills Left at the Pharmacy1

Common barriers prevent patients from taking their medications as directed. They might forget to pick up prescriptions at the pharmacy, get confused about provider instructions, or find they can’t afford a medication.

Mobile Messaging With RxInform

Patient Satisfaction Rate

Patient Engagement Rate


Unique Patients Helped Since 2018

With RxInformSM integrated in DrFirst’s e-prescribing and medication management platform or added to an existing e-prescribing system, an automated message links to pharmacy information, educational material, coupons, and an option to schedule a pickup reminder. No extra keyboard clicks, no changes in workflow for providers.

Help Providers Engage Patients for Better Adherence

Reaching Patients Beyond the Exam Room

A network of 145,000 providers has a new way to help patients overcome the common hurdles that lead to prescription abandonment.

Watch the video to hear how athenahealth is helping providers keep patients on their medications.

Podcast recorded Sept. 17, 2022. Cameron Deemer is now DrFirst CEO, effective Jan. 1, 2023.

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Mobile Messaging Meets Patients Where They Are

Automate sending of prescription pickup reminders, coupons, and education about medications to help your customers improve patient engagement and adherence.

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