Making Sure All is Right in Your World

You focus on PBM innovations. We take care of compliance.

PBMs must successfully navigate ever-changing federal and state regulatory changes to prove their value to healthcare participants. But new standards can require resources that would otherwise be dedicated to innovating and evolving PBM practices. How do you do it all? With the right partner with the right experience to take on compliance and win, while you focus on growing the PBM of the future.

Compliance Solutions

DrFirst compliance solutions ensure that you keep your PBM’s “lights on” so you can keep your organization moving forward.

New regulatory requirements come up frequently. We have to dedicate resources to stay on top of these instead of focusing on innovations.

From changing National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP) standards to evolving federal policy changes, PBMs frequently face a “build or buy” decision to comply with the newest conditions and mandates. Failure to comply can result in financial penalties that jeopardize organizational performance but dedicating technical resources to these continually changing needs can impede the progress you need to make on innovative solutions.

The right partner can remove the compliance burden from your IT staff and ensure regulatory compliance while freeing up your IT resources to focus on solutions that drive revenue growth, productivity improvement, and operational flexibility.

DrFirst’s deep medication management expertise can readily respond to your compliance needs so that your PBM can position itself to respond to new opportunities created by healthcare’s current, rapid evolution.