The PBM of Tomorrow Starts Today

PBMs need technical sophistication to thrive in the new healthcare paradigm. That requires improved efficiencies, greater accuracy and transparency, and a partner in innovation like DrFirst to get there.

Increasing PBM value in the Healthiverse

Healthcare’s evolution is shaking up the industry as whole, but nowhere are the changes felt more intensely than at PBMs. Gone are the days of inefficient and cumbersome PBM systems.

In addition to price transparency and formulary accuracy, PBMs can take the opportunity to invest in solutions that improve the member experience like prescription tracking and reminders. And the importance of artificial intelligence is paramount in driving greater satisfaction among payers, providers, pharmacists, and patients.

Digital Solutions

PBMs have to demonstrate their value in driving down health care costs and improving health outcomes to all healthcare stakeholders. DrFirst has the solutions to help PBMs flourish.

We need to tap into technology that helps us improve member experience, lessen administrative burden, and puts patients first.

Prescription abandonment is a huge problem in the US. In fact, one in four prescriptions is never picked up at the pharmacy. The number one reason why? Sticker shock. Failing to understand why a patient needs to take medication as well as procrastination and forgetfulness also are key contributors to abandonment.

PBMs can play a pivotal role in helping stem the tide of non-adherence with digital solutions from DrFirst that focus on patient engagement, medication adherence, and increasing patient access to therapies.