A DrFirst Partnership Delivers More Value for Your Company and Your Clients

Value-based Care is Here to Stay

Providers expect their EHR, HIS, and technology vendors to deliver the tools and data to help them succeed. DrFirst can simplify the transition through our medication management, medical benefit, and collaboration platforms.

E-Prescribing &
Med History

E-prescribing of legend and controlled substances with in-workflow PDMP access, identity proofing, and medication history

Benefit Check

In-workflow price transparency for prescriptions and medical procedures


Driving treatment compliance, patient engagement, and satisfaction

Care Collaboration

Secure communication, file sharing, and telehealth

DrFirst helps you do what you do best—solve problems for your clients.

New Innovations, Better Outcomes, and New Revenue Streams

DrFirst is uniquely positioned to help you achieve product and growth goals. Our expansive network of industry partners, connections, and solutions allow EHRs to offer their customers innovative functionality and improved patient outcomes without charging additional fees. In addition, we help you generate new revenue streams for your business.

Our partnerships with over 290 EHRs, 1,500 hospitals, and over 100k providers allows us to work with major stakeholders (Payers, Pharmacies, Pharma, etc…) and deliver untapped features and larger revenue opportunities to EHRs that collaborate with us.


Outsource Your Challenges

DrFirst helps our EHR/HIS partners thrive in a competitive space. With over two decades of expertise developing technology platforms and extensive integration experience, a partnership with DrFirst delivers:

  • Scalable, innovative solutions
  • Flexible integration options
  • Consultative and regulatory expertise
  • Unparalleled support