General Support

Technical Support Channels*

Web Ticket: 24/7
Live Chat: 24/7

Initial Response Time**

Web Ticket:  4 hours for critical; 24 hours for standard
Live Chat:  10 minutes

Training Knowledge Base

*Users must be logged in to the DrFirst helpdesk system when submitting a support query via Web Ticket or Live Chat.  As applicable, support phone numbers shall only be distributed as prescribed by DrFirst. Users shall follow any additional policies and procedures prescribed by DrFirst relating to the submission of support queries.  Regular Support Hours are 8am-10pm, EST, 7 days a week, but may vary with holidays.   DrFirst’s support and training obligations related to implementation and go-live activities are outside the scope of this policy and will be governed by the applicable SOW, if any.

**Initial Response Time, with respect to Web Ticket and Live Chat, is the time from submission until acknowledgment of submission.  Initial Response Time, with respect to Phone, is the time from routing to DrFirst’s call center until the time of pickup.  DrFirst will make commercially reasonable efforts to respond within the corresponding time frames.  DrFirst will classify or reclassify support queries in accordance with their appropriate severity level.  Noncompliant use of support channels by users may inhibit DrFirst’s initial response time.

Unless otherwise noted, support queries must be submitted by designated administrator(s) who are trained in the DrFirst applications.