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of Engaged Patients

Healthcare is infinitely personal. It’s no wonder then, that outcomes improve when patients are more involved in their care decisions.

But the term patient engagement has meant different things to different people, from HIT to communications. And that’s where true patient engagement can break down.

HIT solutions have largely focused on patient portals. But research shows that patients struggle to use them, even when offered. In fact, only 52 percent of patients were offered access to their medical records. Of those, just over half of them viewed their records, which translates to only 28 percent of the total survey population.

The main reason patients didn’t go to their portal? They wanted to talk with their provider in person.

DrFirst’s HIPAA-secure mobile technology enabled tools build stronger connections between providers, patients, and caregivers with the immediacy and accessibility of a cell phone. With 99 percent user satisfaction, we help drive better collaboration and more impactful provider patient relationships.

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Feature-rich texting for desktop and mobile (iPhone & Android). Improves care coordination via instant sharing of clinical data, care team commentary, and provider instructions for patient care in progress. Includes Patient-Centered Chat. Stand-alone system with available API integration.

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Huddle Health

The free Huddle Health mobile app makes managing care for yourself and those you care for easier by gathering and storing health information in one central location. It’s the perfect app to help patients get control of their medical information.

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