Transform Unusable Clinical Data Into
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Smart Migration. Cleaner Data.

Cleaner Data. Smarter Migration.

When moving data from one system to another, quality is key. But medication data can be compromised by varying terminology, disparities in formulary service vendors, imperfect interoperability standards, and obsolete national drug codes. This leaves you with the burden of manually entering information. As part of DrFirst’s award-winning SmartSuite™ of AI solutions, SmartProcessor™ solves data fidelity issues between disparate systems and formats, resulting in complete, clean, and consumable clinical data for the receiving system and end users.

Complete, Clean, & Consumable Clinical Data

Free text within medication data still plagues healthcare despite decades of progress in digitization and standardization.


Incomplete Data

Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy found secondary medication history sources lack key information.

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Data Quality

University of Michigan Medicine study shows 84% of all prescription instructions need to be edited to improve readability and quality.

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Inconsistent Data

According to a study by the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs, a lack of standardization puts patients at risk.

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3 Ways Data Fuels Decision-Making

In today’s data-driven environment, health IT organizations must ensure the most complete medication data to better manage at-risk populations and achieve true systems interoperability.

  Repair fractured medication history data.

  Scale medication data for population health programs.

  Streamline data migration between disparate systems.

Improvements You Can Count On

SmartProcessor™ is a cloud-based service that supports a data-at-rest batch process for one-time data migration. It ensures patient data across disparate sources retains clinical intent and accuracy, is migrated quickly and at significant cost savings, and improves patient safety.

Operational Efficiency

Patient Safety

Conversion Speed

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Enhance Your Migration with Artificial Intelligence

SmartSuite was recognized for AI innovation in the MedTech Breakthrough Awards for taking “an enormous leap forward” in improving medication reconciliation, reducing adverse drug events and readmissions, and improving efficiency and treatment decisions.

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