DrFirst’s MedHx Earns High Scores from Customers in KLAS First Look Report

November 17, 2021

DrFirst’s MedHxEarns High Scores from Customers in KLAS First Look Report

KLAS explores how MedHx drives accurate medication reconciliation through automation

Rockville, Md., November 17, 2021 — Healthcare pioneer DrFirst announced today that its MedHx solution earned high marks from customers, including “A” grades for “supporting integration goals” and “likely to recommend,” as reported in KLAS Research’s First Look report. The report verifies that MedHx customers get more accurate and complete medication history data, access that information quickly and easily, and spend less staff time gathering medication history from different sources.

MedHx is used by hospitals, health information exchanges, and physician practices throughout the U.S. to improve the quality of patient medication history imported into electronic health record (EHR) systems. Clinicians use this information for medication reconciliation, a critical safety practice that is recommended every time a healthcare facility admits, transfers, or discharges a patient. Accurate medication reconciliation is a National Patient Safety Goal of The Joint Commission.

KLAS is a leading healthcare IT research firm that provides transparent and impartial insights. Its First Look report reveals an unbiased view of how MedHx performs and how the solution helps improve patient outcomes.

KLAS surveyed customers at hospitals and health systems of all sizes and found that:

  • 96% of customers are highly satisfied (71%) or satisfied (25%)
  • 96% of customers would buy it again
  • 67% of customers achieved outcomes immediately, and 28% within six months

KLAS Research Analyst Mike Davis focused on MedHx’s ability to “collect patients’ most current medication information from medication claims and local pharmacies, improving the accuracy of patients’ medication history files.” He points to how using its patented AI “to fill in missing data from sigs (incoming prescription information) supports accurate dosing alerts and the prevention of adverse drug events [ADEs]. Improving a clinician’s ability to review a patient’s medication history during transitions of care ultimately improves patient care and safety.”

These benefits are why users value MedHx, according to DrFirst president G. Cameron Deemer. “Protecting patients from dangerous ADEs while also reducing the time clinicians spend tracking down and manually entering information is a game-changer for healthcare,” he said.

MedHx provides the broadest available source of medication history data, including local pharmacy data, enabling faster, more accurate medication reconciliation. This data reduces the risk of medication errors and ADEs caused by keyboard errors and missing or poor-quality prescription data. The solution’s AI translates, infers, and normalizes prescription instructions into consistent terminology that can be used by a health system’s EHR.

To download a complimentary copy of the KLAS First Look report, click here.


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