Partnership to Enable More than 2700 Ambulatory Surgical Centers with Medication Reconciliation, Medication Adherence and Discharge E-Prescribing Capabilities

September 29, 2015

Birmingham, Alabama and Rockville, Maryland – SourceMedical Solutions, Inc., the leading provider of software, analytics, and revenue cycle management solutions for surgery and rehabilitation centers, announced today it has entered into a partnership with DrFirst, the leading provider of stand-alone and integrated e-medication management software. The partnership will bring a broad array of e medication management functionality and data management into SourceMedical’s Vision and AdvantX systems for ambulatory surgical centers.

Through the partnership, SourceMedical providers will be able to electronically verify currently-prescribed medications for each patient at intake, determine the patient’s adherence to those medications prior to procedure and safely e-prescribe legend and controlled substance medications for the patient at discharge.

“The need for streamlined outpatient services is becoming more critical due to the aging population and changes in healthcare. Innovation and best of breed solutions in this segment are essential for providers as they work to deliver high quality cost effective patient care. DrFirst brings a set of workflow enhancements that will help surgeons and their clinical staffs to drive patient safety,” said Dr. Jamie Coffin, chief executive officer, SourceMedical. “The integration of DrFirst’s software will give our customers access to the industry’s leading e-medication management tools.”

Large ambulatory surgical centers can support as many as 800 patients per month. Management of staff, clinicians and surgeons in support of those patients require continual focus to improve workflow efficiency through the deployment of innovative software solutions. Coordination with primary care physicians and/or follow-on care organizations, such as long-term care facilities, further amplifies the need for streamlined solutions.

The addition of DrFirst’s MedHx℠ medication history solution will reduce the time it takes SourceMedical providers to conduct medication reconciliation for each patient, by as much as 80 percent. Additionally, DrFirst’s Patient Advisor℠ software will enable SourceMedical’s providers to verify the level of adherence to those medications, and this knowledge is critical to ensure patient safety in relation to anesthesia requirements. DrFirst’s Rcopia® and EPCS Gold℠ e-prescribing platforms for legend drugs and controlled substances, respectively, make the process of prescribing medications for patients following their procedure seamless, while alerting providers in advance to potential drug-drug or drug-allergy conflicts surrounding any prescribed medications.

“SourceMedical is a very progressive leader in the ambulatory surgical center arena,” said G. Cameron Deemer, president of DrFirst. “We believe our knowledge of clinical workflow enablement on the medication management side is a tremendous addition to their proven capabilities in helping their ASC customers create organizational efficiencies that deliver on our mutual commitment to helping providers help patients realize better health outcomes.”


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