Integration of DrFirst’s Backline® secure communication platform within the SigmaCare EHR will enable improved care-collaboration among providers and enhance patient safety

October 31, 2016

New York, NY and Rockville, MD: SigmaCare, a leading provider of clinical, financial and customer relationship management cloud-based services and mobile applications for the long-term, post-acute care market, and DrFirst, a leader in e-medication management and secure communications, today announced they have partnered to integrate Backline®, DrFirst’s secure, HIPAA-compliant communication and care-collaboration technology, into the SigmaCare EHR platform.

Secure messaging systems are proliferating in healthcare due to both the increasing use of mobile technologies at the point of patient encounter between patient and provider, as well as the need for HIPAA compliance and guarding against inappropriate breach of patients’ protected health information (PHI). Backline is designed for clinical use, supporting provider workflows, speeding patient care collaboration, easing care transitions, and improving patient safety.

Embedding Backline into SigmaCare’s evidence based EHR enables users to seamlessly and securely send and receive messages and clinical content among providers within a single facility, communicate with staff and providers located in external referring facilities, as well as provide information and patient care updates to patient caregivers. Additionally, users will also be able to communicate outside the walls of their buildings, between facilities, pharmacies and prescribers, supporting faster response for prescription clarifications, authorizations and other notifications.

Steve Pacicco, CEO of SigmaCare stated: “We’re excited to be expanding our partnership with DrFirst. We are continually innovating and investing in our technology platform to ensure our customers have the most efficient, collaborative and outcome driven solutions. Secure, immediate communications between care providers is fundamentally important to improving patient outcomes.”

“The need for exceptional, secure, mobile care collaboration in the LTPAC arena is key to fostering successful integrated care and patient support,” said G. Cameron Demeer, president of DrFirst. “While all doctors and nurses are on the frontline of care, the long-term and post-acute care component operates broadly and remotely on a day-to-day basis as patients transition over the course of their care. Rapid, secure communications to complete referral processes, expedite transitions of care, and collaborate with other primary and secondary providers is a constant requirement – when it is delayed, patient health and patient satisfaction suffer and readmissions can rise. In addition, Backline can be used to engage patient caregivers and provide them with important updates as well as peace of mind in having a rapid-response capability to reach those who are caring for their loved-one.”

Early last year, SigmaCare and DrFirst partnered to integrate DrFirst’s EPCS Gold controlled substance e-prescribing technology to SigmaCare EHR. Through that partnership, prescribers using SigmaCare EHR can perform the necessary steps for two-factor authentication and electronic ordering for controlled substances for in-stay residents and discharges. “Having successfully partnered with DrFirst for e-prescribing, we’re looking forward to this next phase of our growing technology-platform partnership,” Pacicco added.

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