February 1, 2007

Immediate News Release

Dearborn, Mich. –

Oakwood Healthcare System (OHS) in cooperation with DrFirst technology has recently completed a one-year pilot program for physicians using Rcopia – an ePrescibing initiative allowing doctors to use personal computing devices to electronically send prescriptions to the pharmacy in real time. The pilot program began in 2005 with the anticipation of 70 participating physicians. The results are in and the program was overwhelmingly successful among OHS physicians, especially in saving time and money. Overall, 177 physicians participated – more than doubling the original number – resulting in a 50 percent reduction rate of time spent on refills and pharmacy clarifications.

“It’s definitely made the whole prescribing system safer and it cuts down on any chances of transcription error between a physicians office and the pharmacies that get the prescriptions,” said Robert Boyko, lead staff pharmacist, Oakwood Healthcare, Inc.

ePrescribe gives physicians the ability to share information with other physicians, in addition to being able to access important medical information including insurance, medication history, allergies and pharmacy preferences. In addition, the System also immediately alerts physicians if a prescription will cause an allergic reaction or have an adverse affect if mixed with another of the patients existing medications.

A distinguishing aspect of the program is Oakwood’s commitment to private practice physicians. In
addition to staffed physicians, each participating private office was equipped with the necessary hardware in order for the practice to successfully implement the ePrescribe program into their day-to-day activities. The program is currently in use in nearly 40 physician practices. The pharmacy connection allows prescriptions to be sent to pharmacies and, in turn, pharmacies can send electronic renewal requests back to physicians in real time, eliminating errors and miscommunication.

“Many times the person who calls in the prescription is not the individual physician and there’s always
the possibility of misreading what the physician actually wants. ePrescribe cuts out that middle person and doesn’t leave room for error in misreading a physicians order from a patients chart,” said Boyko. Family medicine physician Carol King, MD, uses the system everyday in her practice and considers the technology interactive and helpful, but believes it’s a necessary safety precaution as well.

“From a safety standpoint I don’t think there should be a choice as we move to electronic medical records, ePrescribe has got to be a part of the final decision for the safety of the patient,” said King. Recently, ePrescribe was awarded Oakwood’s prestigious Clinical Program of the Year award. To make an appointment with an Oakwood physician, please call 800.543.WELL or visit