June 12, 2007

For Immediate Release

Rockville, MD –

Noteworthy Medical Systems, Inc., originator of the three-screen ambulatory electronic health record (EHR) system announces a new partnership with DrFirst, Inc.™ to fully integrate NoteworthyEHR with DrFirst’s award-winning Rcopia™ e-prescription technology. True electronic data interchange (EDI) e-prescribing has become an expected and required component of medical information systems, and the partnership allows Noteworthy to avoid the time and expense needed to develop an in-house prescribing system, while providing their users with the best technology available on the market.

Noteworthy evaluated many e-prescribing solutions without finding one that could meet their needs — until they discovered the best-of-breed technology of DrFirst Rcopia. According to Lawrence Dolin, Noteworthy’s president and CEO, “We were able to quickly and seamlessly integrate Rcopia’s powerful capabilities directly into NoteworthyEHR. We were also impressed by their commitment to continually improving an exceptional e-prescribing product. Noteworthy’s goal is to ensure that our clients have access to the most effective healthcare technology and services available; therefore we are proud to partner with DrFirst, known for their innovative and award-winning application, to greatly enhance the technology and services we provide our valued clients.”

The integration will provide NoteworthyEHR users with true EDI e-prescribing and renewal functionality, exceptional clinical decision support, real-time health plan formulary and plan design information during the prescribing process. Physicians may also request patient medication histories in order to consider a patient’s total treatment profile when making new prescribing decisions.

“We’re very pleased to build this relationship with Noteworthy Medical Systems because they understand the value of providing software that is physician-centric, powerful and fast; moreover, they recognize the importance of learning a practice’s workflow and culture to facilitate a smooth transition from paper-based prescribing to electronic prescribing,” said G. Cameron Deemer, President of DrFirst. “Noteworthy’s intuitive three-screen interface places the most pertinent information directly in front of the user, which translates to unprecedented ease of use, minimal user training times and rapid user adoption. We share the philosophy that the easier the application is to use, the more the practice will maximize its use – and that means a greater return on their investment.”

About Noteworthy Medical Systems, Inc.

Noteworthy Medical Systems, Inc., is a privately held company founded in 1997 that produces NoteworthyEHR, a complete point of care documentation, charge capture and decision support system that boasts 100% provider adoption. NoteworthyEHR exclusively features Intelligent Template Technology™ and CARE™, which work in tandem to provide the most reusable, easily reportable data of any available EHR. NoteworthyEHR is in the Top 20 list of recommended EHRs by “Physicians EHR” and has two HIMSS Davies Award-winning clients to its credit. For more information, contact 800.224.9740 or visit

DrFirst also provides leading edge secure text messaging platforms.