New software upgrade to allow over 4,500 MediNotes users to enhance patient safety and office efficiency

May 21, 2007

For Immediate Release

Rockville, MD —

MediNotes Corporation, a leader in best of breed electronic medical record solutions for primary care and specialty medical practices, announced today a partnership with DrFirst, Inc. for incorporation of DrFirst’s GoldRx SureScripts™ Certified Rcopia e-prescribing technology in the latest upgrade to the MediNotes e™ application. This will allow thousands of medical practices in the United States and Canada to access feature rich e-prescribing capabilities from within MediNotes e.

“Our partnership with DrFirst reflects our commitment to provide MediNotes users with access to the leading technologies in healthcare. MediNotes e version 5.1, with e-prescribing, takes our users to the next level, improving practice workflow, reducing pharmacy callbacks, and making a positive impact on patient safety,” said Donald Schoen, President and CEO of MediNotes Corporation. “Adding DrFirst’s eprescribing capabilities to MediNotes e 5.1 truly enhances our program and allows our physicians the freedom to focus on the care of their patients. DrFirst is one of the most recognizable and respected e-prescribing providers in the industry and we are pleased with the way their program performs in conjunction with MediNotes e.

In addition to providing true EDI e-prescribing, DrFirst Rcopia technology makes health plan formulary and plan design information available to the physician during the prescribing process. Physicians may also request patient medication histories in order to consider a patient’s total treatment profile when making new prescribing decisions.

“The combination of MediNotes e and DrFirst’s e-prescribing technology makes a bold step towards a connected environment where practices are no longer isolated islands of care,” said G. Cameron Deemer, President of DrFirst. “MediNotes users will have access through the realtime Rcopia secure network to health plans, pharmacies, and other physician practices across the country.”

About MediNotes Corporation

MediNotes Corporation is a leader in Best of Breed electronic medical record solutions for primary care and specialty medical practices with 1-15 physicians. MediNotes e currently serves more than 4,300 installed sites and more than 18,500 users nationwide. The company’s dedicated employees are driven to create technology solutions that are delivered with both value and integrity. The enhancements of MediNotes e are based on the needs and suggestions of our users as well as the competitive EMR landscape. You’ll get it right the first time with MediNotes e. Visit for more information.

About DrFirst

DrFirst is a national provider of physician connectivity services through its award-winning Rcopia electronic prescription management system. Founded in 2000, DrFirst creates innovative services targeted to physicians in both ambulatory and acute care environments. DrFirst solutions are widely integrated with practice management and electronic medical records software through its “Open Borders” program, and the company counts among its client base, not only physician practices, but major health plans, health systems, and EMR vendors. DrFirst also provides leading edge secure messaging platforms.

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