Healthcare Providers Write Nearly 3 Million E-Prescriptions in 12 Months with iPrescribe from DrFirst

November 17, 2020

Top-Rated E-Prescribing App Achieves 100% Year-Over-Year Growth, Doubles User Count, Becoming an Essential Tool for Medical Professionals During the Pandemic

Rockville, MD – Nov. 17 2020 – Healthcare technology pioneer DrFirst today announced the continued momentum and exceptional growth of iPrescribe, its top-rated mobile e-prescribing app that lets healthcare providers safely and securely prescribe any drug from any location, with just a few taps on a smartphone.

More than 2.7 million prescriptions have already been processed through iPrescribe in the past 12 months, representing more than 100% year-over-year growth. A winner of the MedTech Award for Best New ePrescribing Solution 2020, the free app has seen a doubling of its subscriber base in the same period, growing from 6,000 to more than 12,000 active users, and is continuing to expand.

As the “digital prescription pad” for modern healthcare providers, iPrescribe replaces traditional methods like paper prescription pads, phone calls, and faxes. Its adoption accelerated with the rapid growth of telehealth during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Healthcare providers understand that e-prescribing is safer for patients and more efficient for pharmacies and prescribers. Yet, providers often still turn to their prescription pads, phone calls, and fax machines when they don’t have convenient access to their office’s electronic medical record (EMR) system, or don’t have one,” said Colin Banas, M.D., DrFirst’s chief medical officer. “In fact, nearly half of Americans receiving a prescription during the pandemic said their doctor gave them a paper script or called or faxed the pharmacy, which is shocking because e-prescribing has been long recognized as the safest way to prescribe.”

iPrescribe makes it easier for doctors to e-prescribe anytime and anywhere. The mobile app can be used as a complement to electronic health record (EHR) and EMR systems, or even without them, and 60% of iPrescribe users say they use it along with their EMR.

Different Than Other E-Prescribing Solutions

iPrescribe is fast and easy to use, can be used for new prescriptions and renewals, and is fully HIPAA-compliant to keep patients’ protected health information secure. The app also includes the safety bells and whistles of desktop prescribing systems, such as alerts for potential drug interactions and allergies. Its robust capabilities include:
• Artificial intelligence that simplifies the prescribing workflow and reduces keystrokes
• Enrolling users in minutes, rather than hours or days
• Meeting DEA security regulations for electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS) and providing in-app access to state-based prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs), which is especially important with approaching EPCS mandates and required PDMP checks before prescribing controlled substances
• Real-time access to patients’ co-pay information through DrFirst’s myBenefitCheck
• Automatically importing existing patients through DrFirst’s network of millions of patient-prescriber relationships, which has grown more than 50% this year alone
• Accessing patients’ medication history through DrFirst’s robust MedHx solution, which sources data from the major U.S. e-prescribing networks, as well as proprietary DrFirst sources

iPrescribe Enthusiasm

Healthcare providers across the U.S. are taking advantage of iPrescribe’s capabilities, and many are sharing how it is saving them time and enhancing the patient experience.

Mark Komorowski, M.D., cites iPrescribe as a vital tool for staying connected with his patients. “iPrescribe goes everywhere I go. I can take care of patients at home or wherever I am.”

Nurse practitioner Steven Maly, APRN, FNP-BC, relies on iPrescribe both when he is away from his office EMR and during EMR downtime. “As a nurse practitioner caring for rehab patients, I find iPrescribe helpful when my patients have urgent needs for medications. Using iPrescribe, I can quickly send prescriptions to the pharmacy and see other medications the patient has been prescribed by both myself and other providers. This is extremely helpful when accessing my EMR would be difficult or impossible if I’m away from my computer or during EMR downtime.”

iPrescribe is compatible with iOS and Android systems.

About DrFirst

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