Partnership will enable secure communication and improved care collaboration among pharmacists, prescribing physicians and their patients

June 1, 2016

DrFirst, a pioneer in electronic prescribing, electronic medication management, secure messaging and care collaboration solutions, today announced it has partnered with Best Computer Systems to integrate Backline, DrFirst’s secure, HIPAA-compliant communication and care collaboration platform, into the BestRx Pharmacy Management System.

The integration will enable 900 independent and retail pharmacies within the BestRx nationwide network to communicate directly with physicians and patients on Backline’s secure, encrypted platform. Backline features such as clinical content distribution and private and group texting will allow pharmacists to seamlessly communicate with doctors and patients directly within the BestRx pharmacy management system, even if the recipient hasn’t installed the Backline app.

The nation’s shift toward value-based healthcare places new importance on the pharmacist’s role in patient engagement and medication adherence. Pharmacists often interact with patients multiple times each month—managing refill requests, refill reminders and medication pickups—and are in a unique position to positively influence adherence.

“Providing pharmacists with Backline’s secure, intuitive communications platform will enable them to connect with patients and their prescribing doctors on a whole new level,” said G. Cameron Deemer, president of DrFirst. “Like doctors, pharmacists are on the front line of care. Community pharmacists often forge particularly strong relationships with patients and their physicians, and using Backline secure messaging to engage with them is a natural and efficient extension of that trusted relationship.”

Backline will also enable pharmacists to quickly complete tasks that might otherwise take hours or even days to complete, such as clarifying prescriptions or obtaining change orders.

“This will continue to keep our pharmacy customers on the leading edge,” said Hemal Desai, president of Best Computer Systems. “With Backline, pharmacists can spend less time making phone calls, leaving voicemails and playing phone tag, and will be able to engage patients and physicians directly at the point of encounter.”

This partnership expands DrFirst’s reach into the retail pharmacy market and follows a similar announcement in October 2015, when DrFirst announced the integration of Backline into the Rx30 Pharmacy Management System, marking the first national deployment of secure messaging capabilities to the independent pharmacy marketplace.


About DrFirst

DrFirst pioneers healthcare SaaS solutions that inform the doctor-patient point of encounter, optimize provider access to patient information, enhance the doctor’s clinical view of the patient and improve care delivery and clinical outcomes. Our growth is driven by a commitment to innovation, security and reliability across a wide array of secure text messaging, electronic prescribing and e-medication management solutions for healthcare. We are proud of our track record of service to over 330 EMR/EHR/HIS partners and an extensive network of hospitals, post-acute care facilities, ambulatory practices and pharmacies nationwide.

About Best Computer Systems

Based in Oakbrook, Ill., Best Computer Systems ( has been providing cutting edge software solutions for pharmacies and retail stores at an affordable price since 1985. Its pharmacy management systems and point-of-sales applications use the latest technologies to ensure customers will be on the leading edge while helping them keep up with their increasing demands.