DrFirst Releases Rcopia 4: Next-Generation e-Medication Management

Advanced Integration Services Architecture, User Customization, Integrated Mobile App

January 28, 2016

DrFirst, a leading provider of SaaS software and services for healthcare, announced today the release of Rcopia® 4, the newest version of its flagship e-medication management platform. The new release, widely available in the first quarter of 2016, offers advances in integration architecture, interface design and user customizability. For the first time, Rcopia will incorporate predictive analytics to enhance the speed and accuracy of prescribing, and will offer a fully-integrated companion mobile e-prescribing application.

DrFirst’s Rcopia is the healthcare industry’s leading integrated platform for legend drug e-prescribing (eRx) and controlled substance e-prescribing (EPCS), electronic prior authorization (ePA), medication history, and medication adherence. It is the first system in the industry to provide real-time benefit checking (RTBC) which helps doctors and patients make the most cost-effective prescription decisions to meet the patient’s clinical needs and minimize their out-of-pocket costs.  More than 330 electronic health record (EHR) and hospital information system (HIS) vendors integrate Rcopia’s e-medication management capabilities within their systems, and approximately 20,000 medical practices nationwide use the Rcopia platform for stand-alone e-medication management services or in conjunction with their practice management system.

“EHR and HIS vendors are launching an ever-expanding array of software modules to support healthcare delivery organizations in key areas, including financial and revenue cycle management, clinical records, patient population management, and analytics,” said Zach Fox, general manager of DrFirst’s partner programs. “By leveraging Rcopia’s best-in-class e-medication management capabilities, these vendors can maintain their primary development focus and resource investments on their broader core services.”

Rcopia 4’s new platform services architecture, a breakthrough in integration design, allows EHR and HIS vendors to seamlessly incorporate e-medication management functionality within their systems. Rcopia 4 supports a wide range of integration scenarios – from creative web integration to selecting individual functions or components, through APIs or groups of APIs, for insertion at any point or points within the host system’s workflow. This flexibility helps system vendors tailor e-medication management to best support varying workflows, clinical responsibilities and medical specialties.

“Our EHR and HIS vendor partners rely on DrFirst to shoulder the technical costs and regulatory complexities of e-medication management,” said G. Cameron Deemer, president of DrFirst. “The advances we’ve made with our new platform services architecture not only maximize flexibility on the integration side, but they also allow far faster and more efficient deployment of future enhancements and features, and permit easier adoption of new industry standards as they evolve, such as the FHIR interoperability standard.”

The user interface redesign of Rcopia 4 allows the user experience to be far more intuitive, and reduces the training needed for proficiency. Individual providers can easily re-arrange Rcopia components to best suit their preferred workflow without losing Rcopia’s patient safety features that guard against the hazards of prescribing drugs that could inadvertently harm patients.

DrFirst’s SmartSuite technology will be introduced in Rcopia 4, streamlining the prescribing process by automatically suggesting drug “SIGs” (the instructions for taking a drug) using predictive analytics algorithms that analyze a large pool of historical prescription information combined with the individual provider’s prescribing preferences. With this capability, Rcopia 4 pre-populates medication information during drug selection, to ensure greater clarity and consistency in prescription SIG data. This significantly reduces the time it takes for providers to complete the prescribing process while increasing patient safety through improved prescription quality.

The new Rcopia 4 platform also introduces Rcopia MobileSM, which will be made available for iOS and Android devices. Rcopia Mobile extends the physician’s reach by allowing them to care for their patients’ prescription needs anywhere at anytime. Rcopia Mobile works in concert with Rcopia on the desktop to help medical staff fully support the physician’s workflow.

“Rcopia 4 is the culmination of our market leadership in e-medication management, guided by the experiences and ideas of the large number and variety of providers using our system over the last 15 years,” Deemer continued. “We set out to expand on the success that Rcopia first brought to the market in establishing electronic prescribing as a common and highly successful practice for clinicians. Rcopia 4 helps doctors support patients more effectively and efficiently to better protect patient safety. For EHR and HIS vendors, Rcopia 4 is the most customizable and cost-effective path they can follow for providing world class e-medication management to their customers.”


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