22 DrFirst EMR Partners Also Receive Award

April 16, 2014

Rockville, MD

DrFirst, a pioneer of innovative healthcare software solutions and services, is pleased to announce that Rcopia®, DrFirst’s industry-leading e-prescribing software, has been awarded the 2013 Surescripts White Coat of Quality Award.

The Surescripts White Coat of Quality Award recognizes technology vendors who uphold the highest standards of clinical quality in e-prescribing. The 2013 award marks the fourth consecutive year that Rcopia has received this honor, and DrFirst is one of only two companies to have received this award each year since Surescripts began the program in 2010.

In addition to DrFirst receiving the Surescripts Award, 22 partners of DrFirst who have integrated Rcopia within their EMR software have also received 2013 White Coat of Quality Awards. These partners include:

Connexin Software
Custom Computing Corporation
Darena Solutions
East Ridges Medical Software
Echo Group
Exemplo Medical
First Insight
Integrity Digital Solutions JAG Products
Keiser Computers
M/D Systems
Medical Messenger
Vision Works
Xpress Technologies
G. Cameron Deemer, president of DrFirst, said, “DrFirst is deeply committed to quality and patient safety—two of the key factors in the Surescripts White Coat of Quality Award. We are happy to be recognized for the fourth year in a row, and especially proud of the strong showing of our EMR partners who also have been recognized by Surescripts.”

About DrFirst
DrFirst pioneers technology solutions that inform the doctor-patient point of encounter, optimizing provider access to patient information, enhancing the doctor’s clinical view of the patient, and improving care delivery and clinical outcomes. Our growth is driven by a commitment to innovation, security, and reliability across a wide array of services, including Medication Management, Medication Adherence, and Secure Communication and Collaboration. We are proud of our track record of service to more than 300 EMR/EHR/HIS vendors and an extensive network of providers, hospitals and patients.

About Surescripts’ Quality Program
E-prescribing improves efficiency, reduces healthcare cost and increases patient safety. Surescripts’ industry-wide quality program ensures that these e-prescribing benefits are realized. Surescripts national network is used to measure prescription safety, accuracy and completeness in a way that is simply not possible with other forms of prescribing. This allows a unique collaboration between Surescripts EHR vendors, pharmacies and PBMs to provide continuous improvements to the e-prescribing process – from the time a prescription is first considered by the prescriber to the time the medication is dispensed and at all points in between. For more information, contact the Surescripts Quality Office ( and visit our blog at