Close offers eye care providers secure e-prescribing and eligibility for Meaningful Use, MIPPA, or PQRS/PQRI incentive payments

March 25, 2011

Ophthalmologists and optometrists are soon to have an e-prescribing web solution just for them, thanks to DrFirst’s partnership with On April 1st, the fast and secure web portal goes “live,” and will help eye care providers nationwide use e-prescribing to qualify for lucrative incentive programs such as Meaningful Use of EHR, MIPPA, and PQRS (formerly PQRI). members can perform e-prescribing functions such as selecting medications, accessing patient medication history, and e-prescribing prescriptions to pharmacies, helping them become eligible for MIPPA and PQRS/PQRI incentives. Members can also perform additional “Meaningful Use of EHR” tasks to earn Meaningful Use incentives. Providers can also generate coupon cards that save patients significant money. was developed by the owners of Williamson Centers, one of the longest-practicing chains of eye care clinics in the South, to bring the important clinical benefits of e-prescribing and l Meaningful Use, MIPPA, or PQRI/PQRIS incentives to eye care providers.

“We’ve always followed a progressive business model, so offering an e-prescribing web portal that helps providers avoid set up and infrastructure expenses was the natural next step,” said Chuck Williamson, owner of and co-owner of Williamson Centers. “We certainly found the right e-prescribing technology partner in DrFirst, a true visionary with a ‘doctors first’ philosophy and track record.”

Powered by DrFirst’s Rcopia™ e-prescribing technology and RcopiaMU™ certified Meaningful Use solution, offers members e-prescribing and the potential to earn Meaningful Use, MIPPA, or PQRS/PQRI incentives – with nothing more than a working computer and Internet connection.

Fast e-Prescribing and MIPPA, PQRS/PQRI incentives members can use web-based e-prescribing to claim MIPPA incentives by June 11, which is also the deadline to avoid MIPPA penalties. Members can qualify for PQRS/PQRI incentives, too, although they can’t claim both MIPPA and PQRS incentives.

Meet Meaningful Use of EHR
Providers that want to earn even more incentive money than MIPPA and PQRS/PQRI offers can use the modular RcopiaMU solution in to qualify for Meaningful Use incentives, including up to $21K this year.

“We are very pleased to work with to bring the benefits of e-prescribing to eye care providers, including eligibility for Meaningful Use, MIPPA, or PQRS incentives,” stated G. Cameron Deemer, President of DrFirst “The refreshingly simple web format of assures these benefits can occur very rapidly.”