DrFirst Medication Management Solution Now Available in Allscripts App Expo

April 4, 2022

DrFirst Medication Management Solution Now Available in Allscripts App Expo

Rockville, MD, April 5, 2022 – MedHx from DrFirst is now available on the Allscripts App Expo. MedHx enables users of Allscripts Sunrise™ EHR access to complete, clean, and consumable medication history data in the EHR workflow. This supports accurate medication reconciliation and informs clinical decision-making to prevent adverse drug events and reduce readmissions.

Hospitals and health systems have long struggled with medication reconciliation, which is a critical patient safety process and is recommended at every transition of care, such as a patient being admitted or discharged from a hospital. Gaps in medication history can delay optimal treatment, put patients at risk of adverse drug events, and contribute to higher readmission rates. Accurate medication reconciliation is a National Patient Safety Goal of The Joint Commission.

“With MedHx integrated with Allscripts Sunrise EHR, clinicians have access to accurate and comprehensive medication information without multiple clicks or manual entry of data,” said G. Cameron Deemer, president of DrFirst, noting that clinicians can save as much as 80% of the time they currently spend researching a patient’s medication history, which may include interviewing patients and calling local pharmacies and primary care providers, and then importing that data into the patient chart.

MedHx is a cloud-based platform that solves problems that have previously challenged the accuracy and usability of medication history as it is imported into hospital and health system EHRs. This data often arrives as free text from sources that use different terminology and with critical pieces of information missing. These discrepancies slow the medication documentation and reconciliation process, often requiring clinicians to enter data manually, which opens the door for avoidable errors that could lead to adverse drug events. As a result of DrFirst’s patented SmartSig AI technology, MedHx makes data consumable in a hospital or health system’s EHR by:

  • Converting up to 98% of drugs to be actionable within a hospital’s system despite various naming conventions in different drug databases
  • Translating up to 96% of free-text prescription instructions into a hospital’s preferred terminology
  • Reducing data gaps by inferring missing information when safe based on context

MedHx uses a rolling 12 months of aggregated, interoperable, medication history data from pharmacy fill and pharmacy benefit managers from Surescripts, as well as other sources, which include data from DrFirst e-prescribing solutions, patients, independently hosted payer records, and community pharmacies.

The Allscripts Developer Program (ADP) offers both proprietary and FHIR® enabled APIs to connect third-party applications, devices, and other innovative healthcare technologies with Allscripts products. Find more information about MedHx on the Allscripts App Expo.

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