DrFirst Introduces ‘Healthiverse™’ to Celebrate Two Decades Uniting the Healthcare Universe

February 11, 2020

DrFirst Introduces ‘Healthiverse™’ to Celebrate Two Decades Uniting the Healthcare Universe

New word reflects DrFirst’s vision for connecting people at every touchpoint of patient care

Rockville, Md., February 11, 2020 – DrFirst, a pioneer in technology, support, and services that connect people at touchpoints of patient care, coined a new term, “Healthiverse™,” in celebration of its twentieth anniversary. The Healthiverse represents the vast, complex, and interconnected healthcare universe, including patients, medical professionals, caregivers, pharmacies, payers, and others.

“Too often, stakeholders across healthcare are separated by frustrating and dangerous information silos,” said G. Cameron Deemer, president of DrFirst. “Our mission is to unite the Healthiverse and improve collaboration among the entire care team so that patient care becomes fully informed.”

To help stakeholders envision the promise of a fully united healthcare universe, DrFirst is introducing an immersive virtual reality experience at several major industry conferences, starting with HIMSS20, held March 9-13, in Orlando, Fla. “People have a real ‘ah-ha moment’ about the Healthiverse concept when they put on our virtual reality headsets and enter the intergalactic fantasy world we created,” Deemer said. “It’s an exciting game that shows how important speed and agility are to successfully connect people within the Healthiverse.”

Founded in 2000 by its CEO, James Chen, DrFirst has been a leader in the development and delivery of solutions that improve patient safety, care collaboration, medication adherence, and medication management. “DrFirst remains committed to creating technology that gives clinicians the information they need, when they need it, to improve patient care,” Chen said. “We believe improving healthcare is simply the right thing to do – and that we are uniquely positioned to do it.”

Over its 20-year existence, DrFirst was first to:

  • Commercially deploy an e-prescribing solution in a major U.S. health system
  • Apply AI toward improving medication histories and helping avoid adverse drug events by inferring missing data and converting free text to specific terminology that can be used by a hospital’s electronic health record (EHR) system
  • Provide real-time medication histories to emergency medical staff so they can more safely care for patients who may be unresponsive or can’t remember their medication details
  • Create the framework for electronic prescriptions for controlled substances (EPCS), pilot the program and be certified for the market

Over the last two decades, DrFirst has grown its offerings, users, and staff. Its products, which can be fully integrated into EHR systems or used as stand-alone solutions, are used by approximately 300,000 healthcare professionals, including more than 100,000 prescribers, and over 1,400 hospitals in the U.S. and Canada. In addition, nearly half of EHRs in the U.S. use DrFirst technology. Today, the company employs more than 400 staff and consultants around the world, with three offices in the U.S.

About the Healthiverse™
The “Healthiverse” is a term coined by DrFirst to describe our vision of a united healthcare universe where everyone is connected in real-time to each other and to the information they need, so patients get the best care. The vast Healthiverse includes patients, medical professionals and caregivers, hospitals, pharmacies, EHRs, payers, HIEs, pharmaceutical companies, and more. The expansiveness of the Healthiverse means that providers need better access to complete, clean, and consumable information to provide attentive and timely patient care. DrFirst’s mission is to unite the Healthiverse with revolutionary products and services that close the gaps between information and people so that all sectors in healthcare can create better outcomes together.

About DrFirst
Since 2000, DrFirst has pioneered healthcare technology solutions and consulting services that securely connect people at touchpoints of care to improve patient outcomes. We create unconventional solutions that solve care collaboration, medication management, price transparency, and adherence challenges in healthcare. We provide our clients with real-time access to the information they need, exactly when and how they need it – so patients get the best care possible. To learn more, visit


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