February 24, 2014

Rockville, MD

DrFirst, a leading provider of healthcare IT solutions designed to improve clinical outcomes for patients, today announced a partnership to bring electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS) to Greenway’s network of thousands of healthcare providers across primary care and more than 30 specialties.

U.S. providers are increasingly prescribing controlled substances electronically in order to improve safety, efficiency and security. Controlled substance e-prescribing, which is now legal in 47 states and available through nearly one-third of U.S. pharmacies, will become mandatory in the state of New York by March 27, 2015 due to the Internet System for Tracking Over-Prescribing/Prescription Monitoring Program (I-STOP) legislation.

DrFirst’s EPCS Gold℠ 2.0 software will be integrated into Greenway’s Intergy, PrimeSUITE and SuccessEHS systems.

“We chose DrFirst for controlled substance e-prescribing based on its industry-leading expertise, its total-solution support covering the identity proofing process, token management and end-user onboarding, as well as the flexibility of its technology which will enable us to integrate EPCS Gold into all three of our EHR software platforms,” said Mark Janiszewski, Greenway senior vice president of product management.

“DrFirst’s architecture allows us to rapidly integrate and bring controlled substance e-prescribing to our users with a consistent and simple user interface,” he continued. “Since EPCS Gold is also fully compliant with DEA rules and NIST identity-proofing standards, DrFirst’s solution brings our users tremendous value.”

“With the increased scrutiny by the healthcare industry on prescription drug abuse, EPCS Gold provides Greenway customers with a powerful tool to prevent doctor shopping and prescription drug fraud,” said G. Cameron Deemer, president of DrFirst. “As a progressive healthcare technology company, Greenway recognizes and embraces the importance of bringing controlled substance e-prescribing to its users, and delivering the advantage of a single e-prescribing workflow for both legend and controlled drugs.”

About I-STOP
I-STOP/PMP is New York State’s Internet System for Tracking Over-Prescribing/Prescription Monitoring Program. Effective Aug. 27, 2013, most prescribers are required to consult the PMP Registry when writing prescriptions for Schedule II, III, and IV controlled substances. The PMP Registry provides practitioners with direct, secure access to view dispensed controlled substance prescription histories for their patients. The information is designed to enable practitioners to better evaluate their patients’ treatment with controlled substances and determine whether there may be abuse or non-medical use.

About Greenway
Greenway delivers the clinical, financial and administrative solutions healthcare providers need to effectively manage the delivery of quality care and improve health outcomes for patient populations. For over 30 years, Greenway has offered smarter solutions that help providers succeed in an evolving value-based healthcare system. Greenway’s clinically driven revenue cycle management™ services and comprehensive suite of interoperable solutions improve financial performance and automate clinical and administrative workflows, so medical providers can spend time on patients instead of paperwork. Providers across primary care and more than 30 specialties partner with Greenway to improve outcomes in medical organizations nationwide.

About DrFirst
DrFirst pioneers technology solutions that inform the doctor-patient point of encounter, optimizing provider access to patient information, enhancing the doctor’s clinical view of the patient, and improving care delivery and clinical outcomes. Our growth is driven by a commitment to innovation, security, and reliability across a wide array of services, including Medication Management, Medication Adherence, and Secure Communication and Collaboration. We are proud of our track record of service to more than 300 EMR/EHR/HIS vendors and an extensive network of providers, hospitals and patients.