November 24, 2009

DrFirst Inc. is pleased to announce the successful completion of a pilot program and the expansion of their business relationship with Universal EMR Solutions LLC. Universal EMR Solutions® certified with DrFirst® in 2008 to offer an interoperable e-prescribing function to its clients, which include general practitioners and many types of specialists. In the pilot program launched this year, the UNIEMR® clients who began using DrFirst’s integrated e-prescribing solution successfully transmitted over 3000 prescriptions and more than 2000 renewal requests to pharmacies for their patients. With the conclusion of the pilot program, UNIEMR® will offer all of its doctor clients and their patients the increased convenience, cost savings and safety of DrFirst’s award-winning, electronic prescribing solution within the CCHIT-certified, HIPAA-compliant Physician’s Solution® electronic medical records system.

According to Dr. Joe Rozenbaum, a pediatrician with offices in Cedarhurst and West Hempstead, NY, “Physician’s Solution’s® integrated e-prescribing feature gives me peace of mind. It’s like having a pharmacist with me in the office to warn me about the patient’s allergies and drug interactions before I finish writing the prescription.”

“Our patients appreciate the speed and efficiency of e-prescribing. They no longer have to worry about losing their prescriptions or having to make two trips to the pharmacy or waiting while the order is filled,” said Universal EMR Solutions® client Dr. Melissa Oppenheim, an OB/GYN in a 9-doctor practice with offices in Great Neck and Woodbury, NY. “It also saves our office a huge amount of time and money that we used to waste calling in or faxing prescriptions or interpreting my handwritten prescriptions for the pharmacist.”

“E-prescribing also has additional, immediate financial benefits for physicians,” said Mitchell C. Shapiro, President of Universal EMR Solutions. “While physician groups must wait until 2011 to submit requests for HITECH Stimulus Fund reimbursements through the Medicare or Medicaid programs, doctors have an immediate opportunity to earn thousands of dollars in incentives for e-prescribing utilization in 2010, long before any Stimulus Package reimbursements are paid.”

According to Aaron Wachspress, Universal EMR Solutions Founder and Chief Technology Officer, “The DrFirst engine provided us with a single interface to all the full-featured standalone e-prescribing services available on the market; our doctor clients love the seamless performance and benefits, including the ability to send an electronic prescription to virtually any pharmacy in the country.”

Dr. Anita Sadaty, an OB/GYN in a large practice with offices in Great Neck and Lawrence NY and a Physician’s Solution® user since 2005, said “The e-prescribing feature of Physician’s Solution® was so simple to learn and makes my life so much easier. Just like when we first started using the EMR system, a quick training session got me up and running immediately and any questions were answered right away by the customer support staff at UNIEMR.”

As a feature integrated within Physician’s Solution’s intuitive, browser-based system, e-prescribing through DrFirst® is seamless and simple for the doctors and their staffs. Physician’s Solution® provides the doctors with a complete list of all medications available, automatically provides the doctor with interaction, allergy, and formulary checking against patient’s medication list, allergies, and insurance information and automatically integrates a patient’s complete medication list in the patient’s electronic chart.

”DrFirst has created electronic interfaces with over 80 HIT companies to provide a wide array of e-prescribing services to thousands of doctors through our Open Borders partnerships,” said G. Cameron Deemer, President of DrFirst. “Universal EMR Solution’s commitment to designing software for doctors and our goal to ‘put the doctor first’ resulted in a deep collaboration. We appreciate UNIEMR’s efforts and commitment to e-prescribing and look forward to expanding our business relationship.”

In Southeast Michigan, Blue Cross is a very active participant in a coalition saluted in June for boosting Michigan to third in the nation in e-prescribing. Michigan ranked third, behind only Massachusetts and Rhode Island, in the Safe-Rx Award from Surescripts, America’s largest electronic network. The Safe-Rx Award recognizes Blue Cross and fellow partners in the Southeast Michigan E-prescribing Initiative as national leaders in e-prescribing.

About Universal EMR Solutions
Universal EMR Solutions (also known as UNIEMR® and Universal EMR®) is a healthcare information technology company organized in May, 2005 to provide information technology solutions for a safer, more efficient, consumer-driven healthcare system. Physician’s Solution® has been chosen as the EMR of choice by the Florida Chapter of the American College of Cardiology and by Telemedik, the operator of medical clinics throughout Puerto Rico. Universal EMR Solutions is the home of Physician’s Solution®, an EMR software system that has been helping doctors deliver superior patient care and operate more efficient and profitable medical practices since 2002, and other proprietary, related products. e-prescribing through DrFirst® is an integrated component of Physician’s Solution®. For more information, contact, or visit