DrFirst and PatchRx Partnership Combines Medication History with Daily Patient Adherence Data

April 23, 2024

DrFirst and PatchRx Partnership Combines Medication History with Daily Patient Adherence Data 

A Complete Picture of Patients’ Medicine-Taking Behavior Empowers Providers to Personalize Care and Intervene Early for the Best Outcomes 

ROCKVILLE, Md. and TULSA, Okla.— April 23, 2024—Health technology pioneer DrFirst and PatchRx, a medication adherence company, today announced a partnership to close the gap between a healthcare provider’s recommended medication therapy and the patient’s actual medicine-taking behavior.  

This collaboration aims to mitigate the health and economic impacts of medication non-adherence, which is linked to approximately 125,000 deaths and nearly $250 billion in healthcare costs annually in the U.S. By combining prescription fill data and remote monitoring data, DrFirst and PatchRx will provide a more accurate view of patient behavior, empowering care managers and quality improvement clinicians to prioritize, monitor, and intervene with high-risk patients for clinical quality improvement initiatives, such as value-based care, chronic care management, and medication therapy management programs. 

“There’s a massive data gap in healthcare between when patients fill prescriptions and when patients actually take the medication, resulting in critical adherence oversights. Combining DrFirst’s prescription fill data with our daily adherence insight gives doctors a complete picture of how well a patient is following their prescribed medication regimen with unprecedented granularity,” said Andrew Aertker, co-founder and CEO of PatchRx. “With so many complex medication routines for behavioral health issues or chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension, this collaboration will go a long way in providing the best technology to support those patients and deliver the precise data providers need to connect with patients proactively and personally.” 

PatchRx’s patented, smart pill-bottle technology has gained widespread adoption with high levels of patient engagement. The unique cap fits on the underside of any size pill bottle, gathering information securely for the patient and the patient’s care team.  

This technology complements DrFirst’s population risk management solution, which provides the most accurate and clinically actionable medication history for patients enrolled in medication management programs, including prescriptions patients purchase with cash, coupons, or pharmacy prescription savings plans. 

“Timing is everything when it comes to effective treatment of complex conditions,” said G. Cameron Deemer, CEO of DrFirst. “Combining our comprehensive prescription fill data with remote monitoring data from PatchRx will give providers the information they need to identify patients who are off schedule with their medications and to intervene early to provide support and prevent health complications.”   

About DrFirst 

Since 2000, healthcare IT pioneer DrFirst has empowered providers and patients to achieve better health through intelligent medication management. We improve healthcare efficiency and effectiveness by enhancing e-prescribing workflows, improving medication history, optimizing clinical data usability, and helping patients start and stay on therapy. In the last few years, DrFirst has won over 25 awards for excellence and innovation, including winning Gold in the prestigious Edison Awards in 2023, recognizing our game-changing use of AI to streamline time-consuming healthcare workflows and prevent medication errors. Our solutions are used by more than 350,000 prescribers, 71,000 pharmacies, 270 EHRs and health information systems, and over 2,000 hospitals in the U.S. and Canada. To learn more, visit and follow @DrFirst. 

About PatchRx

PatchRx is a medication adherence and analytics platform that improves outcomes through connected technologies. Understanding the complexities of prescription regimens, PatchRx provides personalized support through a unique service that combines a patented universal smart pill bottle device with a provider-facing web app. Over the years, PatchRx has assisted thousands of patients across various specialties with their medications and our patient-facing services have clinically proven to support better adherence to therapy and reduce medication complications and misuse. To learn more, visit 

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