Communication is Key to Care Coordination

Coordinating care is a challenge that affects every stakeholder in healthcare. Physicians, pharmacies, hospitals, emergency medical services, insurance companies, patients, their families, and their caretakers all need to collaborate effectively.

A key element of care coordination is sharing Protected Health Information (PHI) in a rapid, real-time, HIPAA-compliant, secure method in order to ensure patients receive timely and effective treatment. However, lengthy phone calls, lack of HIPAA-compliant messaging, and siloed systems can lead to inefficiencies, patient safety issues, and delays.

Care collaboration is even more important during transitions of care, where mistakes can be compounded, putting your patients and your organization at risk.

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Feature-rich texting for desktop and mobile (iPhone & Android). Improves care coordination via instant sharing of clinical data, care team commentary and provider instructions for patient care in progress. Includes Patient-Centered Chat. Stand-alone system with available API integration.

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Feature-rich texting for desktop and mobile (iPhone & Android). Improves care by providing on-the-scene access to medication history, even when patient is unresponsive, eliminating delays in care and helping prepare the ER team for immediate action upon patient’s arrival.

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