IT Investment and Clinical Outcomes Calculator

See the real cost of missing data, ADEs, and 30-day readmissions.

Incomplete Data and Manual Entry Errors Affect Hospitals and Health Systems in a Big Way

Most healthcare IT investments are made with the goal of improving provider satisfaction, patient experience, patient outcomes, or revenue. Installing MedHx and SmartSig can tangibly help your organization meet all four objectives. 

Based on conservative industry averages from our Applied Clinical Research team, we’ve put together a simple list of projections so your hospital or health system can quantify the return on a potential investment with DrFirst.  

Tell us your bed count and EHR, and we’ll share: 

  • Estimated time savings for your staff 
  • Anticipated click reductions within your clinical workflow 
  • Increased number of complete patient records available 
  • Projected ADEs and readmissions avoided 
  • Overall return on investment

Complete the form below to calculate your savings.