March 15, 2017

Dr First

In-Workflow Prescription Drug Benefit Check

Without ever leaving the e-prescribing workflow, myBenefitCheckSM allows physicians to virtually go to the pharmacy with their patients. By providing patient-specific drug coverage and pricing information along with therapeutic equivalent lower-cost drug and pharmacy alternatives myBenefitCheck ensures the most clinically relevant course of action with the patient’s budget, well-being and medication adherence in mind.

What information does myBenefitCheck return?

Drug coverage and pricing
Personalized formulary alternatives
Alternative pharmacy pricing
Enhanced electronic prior authorization (ePA)

myBenefitCheck is available for all Humana patients and coming May 2017 will be available for United Health Care & OptumRx patients. With the next launch of myBenefitCheck comes exciting new features as well:

  • Patient deductible information
  • Expanded selection of alternative drugs
  • Drug pricing medication is not covered due to prior authorization

To learn more about these features or to see a demo please coordinate with your Channel Manager.