August 2, 2010


Why Aren't Doctors Using the E-prescribing They Already Have?

A recent study by the Center for Studying Health System Change (HSC) indicated that even when physicians have access to e-prescribing, many do not routinely use the technology.
“The study also found that  fewer than 60 percent of physicians with e-prescribing capability had access to three advanced features included as part of the Medicare and Medicaid incentive programs—identifying potential drug interactions, obtaining formulary information and transmitting prescriptions to pharmacies electronically…”
If your e-prescribing solution doesn’t have access to these 3 features, then it isn’t good enough.   And if your eprescribing solution doesn’t fit well into your existing workflow, then it isn’t good enough.
As suggested on Healthcare Informatics, “If vendors can support improved physician workflow by allowing physicians to click three times instead of 13, then it’s natural to assume more docs would be e-prescribing and using its advanced functionality.”
We agree!  DrFirst Rcopia has one click e-prescribing of renewals, and no more than 3 clicks for new prescriptions! Providers who choose DrFirst use DrFirst Rcopia everyday.

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