December 2, 2009


Peter Kaufman, MD Elected Into The Physicians' Electronic Health Record Coalition

I first met the DrFirst Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Peter N. Kaufman, in the lobby of a hotel in Boston. I was working with a different company at the time and he wanted to share his excitement over the DrFirst eprescribing application with me. He wrote three prescriptions on a Palm PDA so fast I could have blinked and missed it. One thing I couldn’t have missed was the big button on his lapel that said “GEEK”.

In the almost seven years that I’ve known him, Peter has never lost that enthusiasm for healthcare IT or his drive to help others understand it. Apparently many others recognize that drive, too, because today, on behalf of the entire DrFirst team, I’m privileged to recognize and congratulate Dr. Kaufman for his recent election to co-chair of the Physicians’ Electronic Health Record Coalition (PEHRC).
The PEHRC is an invaluable resource to over 600,000 physicians, helping them “to acquire and use affordable electronic health records (EHRs), and other health information technology to improve quality, enhance patient safety, and increase efficiency.” Peter and his colleagues stay one step ahead of health IT trends and work to ensure that all physicians receive the guidance and advice they need when selecting technology.
Peter has been CMO at DrFirst from day one, but we’re especially proud of the impact he’s had on the broader world of healthcare IT. A graduate of MIT and George Washington University School of Medicine, Dr. Kaufman developed a strong interest in medical IT early in his career and continued to pursue that interest after entering private practice as a gastroenterologist in 1989. Over the years, Peter has lectured nationally on healthcare IT topics and has held positions in multiple national organizations to promote standards in healthcare technology.
And yes, he still proudly wears that “GEEK” pin.
G. Cameron Deemer
President, DrFirst