April 29, 2010


Over 100 HIT Vendors Have Chosen DrFirst for E-Prescribing!

DrFirst is proud to pass the 100 health IT vendor partner milestone, securing our Open Borders Program as the first choice for e-prescribing integration.  With over 6 years of experience, DrFirst has helped over 20 certified partners successfully pass CCHEALTH IT and preliminary ARRA/HITECH certifications for all electronic prescribing requirements.
In 2004, DrFirst began providing E-prescribing software solutions to other Healthcare Information Technology (health IT) vendors in a program called “Open Borders”. During the process, we adopted a corporate strategy to work with Electronic Medical Record (EMR/EHR), Practice Management System), and other health IT software developers to bring the true power of electronic prescription management to their clients, freeing their development resources from the costs associated with creating their own e-prescribing infrastructure in-house. Since 2004, DrFirst has helped more health IT vendors launch successful integrated E-prescribing solutions to market than any other E-prescribing vendor through its mature processes within the “Open Borders” division devoted to delivering these services.
Here’s what one of our long time partners has to say about the DrFirst experience:
“We integrated DrFirst’s E-prescribing portal with our Ambulatory EMR/EHR last year. Access to the electronic prescribing service has been a phenomenal success for not only our physician customers, but for their patients as well. Of utmost benefit, we’ve eliminated duplication of effort, as the user logs in just once, and all relevant clinical and eligibility information is shared between the systems.”
Michael Andraychak
Product Manager

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