Mobile E-Prescribing Pioneer Is Launching into Space

April 1, 2023


Mobile E-Prescribing Pioneer Is Launching into Space

The Healthiverse® Just Got Bigger!

iPrescribe®, the leading mobile e-prescribing app by health tech pioneer DrFirst, is reaching for the stars with a new feature that allows doctors to prescribe for their patients who are space travelers.

Physicians on Earth can now easily prescribe medications for astronauts, who can print them in real time! Our patent-pending 3D printer cartridge allows astronauts to print the 50 most commonly prescribed medications.

This new feature beats consumer expectations about the future of healthcare, according to our recent survey that revealed nearly a third of Americans (31%) expect health services for space travelers will be available by the year 2053.

See this out-of-this-world technology in action:


April Hijinks

DrFirst has a long history of sharing a laugh with its customers on April Fools Day, such as offering a pumpkin spice option in the fall, frightful Halloween videos, and partnering with ZDoggMD on a three-part Doc Vader satire about how slow the healthcare industry can be in adopting new technology.

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2016: Doc Vader video series with ZDoggMD:

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Kidding aside, iPrescribe by DrFirst is the industry-leading mobile prescribing app used by physicians, physician associates, advanced registered nurse practitioners, dentists, and other clinicians to quickly and safely prescribe and renew prescriptions anytime, anywhere.

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