November 17, 2009


Kicking off the DrFirst Blog By Admitting Our Mistakes

Cameron Deemer joined DrFirst in early 2004, after stints with the giant PBM firm PCS Health Systems (where he was tapped to serve as one of three original co-chairs for NCPDP work group 11, developing the first national electronic prescribing standard, SCRIPT 1.0) and NDCHealth (where he managed practice management, EMR, and eprescribing product lines). His career has spanned the payer, pharmacy, and physician sides of the healthcare industry.
In the mid 90’s, a large number of thought leaders “in the industry” were very excited about the work going on at NCPDP to develop the first electronic standard for prescriptions. After all, the only thing standing between the error-prone paper prescription process and a cost-saving, safety-inducing, high-tech, true-EDI process was a national standard, right?
Almost 15 years later, I can confidently say no, we were wrong.

It turns out that the real problem was that electronic prescribing was being driven by everyone but the doctors!
Which brings me to the purpose of this blog: we want to talk with you.
In the months to come, you’re going to get to know a number of the executives and staff at DrFirst. We’re going to share our ideas, theories, and prognostications regarding healthcare technology issues with you, and we hope you’ll participate with your comments, because, while we are very committed to being the best at what we do, we’ve collectively been around the healthcare industry long enough to admit that we don’t know all the answers.
Along the way, I hope you’ll also get a feel for what DrFirst is all about, that we really do work to “put the doctor first.” That doesn’t mean that we don’t or won’t provide technology solutions for other stakeholders in the healthcare market, but it DOES mean that we evaluate everything we do in terms of what it means to the physician.
You’ll see that I mean in the posts to come, and I’m confident you’ll enjoy getting to know us… But who knows? I’ve been wrong before!
G. Cameron Deemer
President, DrFirst

About cdeemer

As President of DrFirst, Mr. Deemer is responsible for driving the development, strategy and management of the company towards exponential growth and success. Mr. Deemer brings more than 12 years of healthcare industry experience to this position. He joined DrFirst in 2005 as the Director of Product Management and most recently served as the Senior Vice President and General Manager, where he managed the company’s tactical operations. Since joining DrFirst, Mr. Deemer has played an instrumental role in formalizing and driving improved business processes, while developing new technology strategies to leverage the benefits of e-prescribing for payers, hospitals, and health systems. He has also been a strong proponent of promoting interoperability in the eHealthcare industry by sharing prescription data between disparate systems. Prior to joining DrFirst in 2005, Mr. Deemer was Assistant Vice President of Product Management for PCS Health Systems/AdvancePCS and also led the e-prescribing and practice management product strategy for NDCHealth/Per Se (currently the RelayHealth division of McKesson).