Don’t Let Legacy Data Bog Down Your EHR Go-Live

October 28, 2022


Don’t Let Legacy Data Bog Down Your EHR Go-Live

Cumbersome processes and the cost of migrating data are two main barriers in moving clinical data from one electronic health record (EHR) system to another. That’s why Harmony Healthcare IT, a data management firm that moves and stores patient records, collaborated with DrFirst to reduce those burdens and costs. 

In a recent webinar, Jim Hammer of Harmony Healthcare IT and David Sellars of DrFirst covered some common data-conversion pain points and shared how artificial intelligence and machine learning can help ease the burden. It’s all about solving data fidelity issues due to diverse terminology, different formulary service vendors, imperfect interoperability standards, and varying national drug codes.  

Review takeaways from the webinar to see how AI reduces the need for manual data entry by delivering complete, clean, consumable clinical data to the receiving system and end users.


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