August 30, 2011


Cost cited as the Biggest Factor in Meaningful Use participation

When it comes to receiving Meaningful Use incentives, the biggest concern most practices have is the cost to become compliant. According to a study by ‘Health Affairs’ published this month, 69% of those asked had concerns about the costs involved in demonstrating Meaningful Use. Close to half of the respondents (42%), wanted more information about the requirements of the incentive payment program or they were uncertain about what EHR system to purchase.
While full-featured EHR systems might suit some practices, others might be better off going with something that’s more middle-of-the-roadconsidering a stepping stone approach with a module EHRlike . Rcopia-MU from DrFirs.t is such a product. It Some module EHR’s allows doctors’ offices to achieve many of the Meaningful Use core objectives to acquire federal stimulus money. Plus, for offices who fall in that 42% who want to know more about the CMS payment program, there’s also AttestEasyinsure they follow the CMS payment requirements, there’s also AttestEasy. This It’s a service that walks a practice through the process of attestation, so they do not have to do it alone. Best of all, for those offices concerned with costs of Rcopia-MU and AttestEasy, our , practices average a 460% return on their investment in the first year alone with Rcopia-MU and AttestEasy.

So, not only do these products and systems pay for themselves, they also make the offices that use them even more money. When other benefits are considered, like e-prescribing, increased patient safety, greater patient care quality, improved workflow efficiency, etc. it ends up being a great solutioncomplete solution by meeting the objectives of cost, functionality and MU compliance.. This is especially true for practices that might be struggling with the cost factor of qualifying for Meaningful Use incentives or those who are not fully prepared to convert from a paper record to fully electronic record office. Doctors looking to economically qualify for Meaningful Use funds might want to explore the possibility of including a modular EHR like Rcopia-MU and guidance service like AttestEasy into their practice.

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