July 2, 2012


94th Annual Endocrine Society’s Annual Meeting Recap

The DrFirst team is back from Houston, after officially wrapping up the 94th Annual Endocrine Society’s Annual Meeting.  We met with endocrinologists from all over the world:  Argentina, China, the UK, Saudi Arabia, and of course, the U.S.
Doctors continue to be excited about our Rcopia-MU℠ product as a way to take advantage of Meaningful Use incentives without going fully paperless.  Even more exciting is that DrFirst can implement Rcopia-MU and get a practice up and running in as few as three to five days.

Patient education was a key item of interest for the endocrinologists at Endo, and DrFirst’s Patient Advisor℠ is a great tool for providing patient education. Powered by Krames StayWell, and supported by the American Diabetes Association, Patient Advisor provides automated health information materials  tailored to the patient’s new or existing health conditions, and new medications. Coupons or co-pay discounts are also generated depending on the specific medications prescribed. Doctors have the option to print materials and hand them directly to the patient, or send them via email.  Doctors are also empowered to monitor a patient’s compliance and adherence, making sure the patient is receiving the appropriate level of care.
The brand new DrFirst board game, DrFirst: Road to Health IT Success, was a big hit among visitors.  Among other things, players were able to learn about DrFirst, MIPPA penalties, Meaningful Use, electronic health records, and electronic prescribing of controlled substances.
Finally, we raffled off a $100 Starbucks giftcard.  Of all of the doctors from all over the world who entered, the winner was…a practicing endocrinologist from Falls Church, Virginia, located not far from the DrFirst headquarters in Rockville, Maryland!
We thoroughly enjoyed meeting the physicians and further learning how DrFirst can assist Endocrinologists all over the nation…and the world improve patient care.

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Ms. Froehlich has been with DrFirst since its inception in 2000. In her role as Director of Marketing, she oversees the planning, directing, and coordinating all marketing and public relations efforts at DrFirst. Ms. Froehlich has a B.S. in Communications from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana.