Backline Telehealth Solutions

HIPAA Compliant Video, Secure Text, File Transfer, and More

Now, more than ever, healthcare leaders need communication tools to connect with patients remotely. Backline® gives you the technology you need to communicate with patients, caregivers, and providers no matter where they are.

Critical Tools in the Fight Against Coronavirus

Telehealth is crucial during this health crisis. Virtual visits allow clinicians to screen patients who may be infected without the risk of exposing patients and providers to the virus in their facilities.


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Benefits of Backline Telehealth


Relaxed HIPAA guidelines are temporary. Choose a telehealth solution you can grow into.

Quick and Easy for Patients

No sign-up process or app for patients to download. Invite patients via text and connect instantly.

Telehealth Beyond Video

Backline bundles telehealth with secure texting, file sharing, integration with e-Form platforms, and much more.

Components of Backline Telehealth Software

Backline for telehealth includes award-winning features out of the box:

  • HIPAA-compliant text chat
  • High-definition video and audio
  • Automated notifications
  • Image capture
  • Document sharing
  • Parsed CCDs
  • 24-7 support

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Benefits of Backline Telehealth

DrFirst - Telehealth Savings

High Value at a Low Cost

Backlines gives you premium clinical communication tools for only $25/user per month.

DrFirst Telehealth Billing

Simplifying Reimbursements

Export a usage report and add CPT codes for quick billing.

Unlimited Telehealth Calls - DrFirst

Unlimited Usage

No per-session fee. Use Backline for all your patients.

Backline Telehealth vs. Doc-in-a-Box Services

With Backline, you can see your patients via virtual visits as opposed to your patients seeing a random doctor. Keep your practice open during the health crisis, proactively screen patients on-demand, and strengthen your business with Backline for telehealth.

Keep Your Patients Informed and Your Team In Sync

Improve communication surrounding the care event including scheduling, documentation, and follow-up. Share updates with the care team, family members, and other providers in real-time.

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