Reduce Redundant Tasks
for Ambulatory Care Providers

Give Your Doctors the Gift of Easy Prescription Renewals

What if the providers at your ambulatory practices could safely confirm and renew prescriptions with fewer clicks and keystrokes? You’d have more efficient workflows, fewer medication errors, and improved patient safety. You’d also have happier providers who spend less time on data entry and more time caring for patients.

SmartRenewal Solves 3 Big Challenges

Save Time

Give clinicians back time they now spend manually entering prescription renewal data.
Studies show 84% of prescription data must be manually entered or edited in the EHR by clinical staff.

Reduce Clicks & Keystrokes

Automate transcription of prescription data into the EHR using patented AI technology.
One of the most redundant tasks in the EHR for staff, including clinicians, nurses, and medical assistants, is completing medication renewals.

Prevent Burnout

Reduce frustration with EHR workflows to improve provider satisfaction and avoid burnout.
A KLAS report found clinicians are three times more likely to leave when they are unhappy with their organization’s EHR.

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AI Makes Renewals Easy and Efficient

A lack of standardization, natural variations in prescription instructions (known as “sigs”), and national drug codes (NDCs) that don’t align between pharmacy and health system drug databases all contribute to free text data, which requires manual transcription and causes frustration with clinical workflows. 

SmartRenewal uses AI to understand free text medication instructions in a prescription renewal and then prepopulate all discrete fields with the specific terms that your organization uses. After implementing SmartRenewal, health systems found on average 88% of prescription data either partially or fully populated in the EHR. 

“Our clinicians are renewing over 19,000 prescriptions a month. That’s over 600 times a day that our staff is helping patients within our facilities while also working to take care of patients at home who are waiting for the refills they need to stay on track. With SmartRenewal, we don’t have to sacrifice personalized care in order to focus on patient safety and medication adherence. We’ve seen a 94.7% translation in renewal sigs from pharmacy short codes to our EHR’s particular nomenclature. To put that in perspective, that’s over 3 million fewer clicks and keystrokes for our clinicians per year. SmartRenewal has given our providers time back by taking much of the manual work of prescription renewals off our caregivers.”  

– Roger Lutz, Chief Information Officer, Butler Health System

Less Manual Entry for Better Patient Safety

SmartRenewal integrates with Epic and MEDITECH EHRs to improve the prescription renewal workflow by significantly cutting down on the manual clicks and keystrokes that can lead to medication errors. The new solution leverages DrFirst’s success improving patient medication safety in the acute care setting for the benefit of ambulatory care providers and their patients.