Resolve Prior Auth Abandonment

Remove PA Friction. Speed Time to Therapy.

Automating the prior authorization process has been named one of the most important ways to lessen the administrative burden on providers and their staffs and improve time to treatment for patients. But research shows that 60% of practitioners say they only sometimes trust the insurance data available in the EHR and 19% reported they rarely or never trust this information. So they default to phone calls and faxes and retrospective PAs that delay time to treatment and lead patients abandoning their prescriptions 37 percent of the time.

Whether it’s provider uncertainty or patient frustration, your brand is being impacted.

DrFirst is changing the PA world for the better. With our payer connections, EHR integrations, and prescriber access, we present more accurate, patient-specific benefit and prior auth information to HCPs at the time of prescribing. Research shows that patients get their medications an average of 13.2 days sooner when requests are submitted prospectively versus retrospectively.

And that means more of your brand dispensed as written and more incremental revenue for your organization.

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