Healthcare Messaging and Care Team Communications

At the Point of Care and During Transitions of Care

Collaborative communication technologies such as HIPAA compliant texting can have a substantial impact on healthcare, dramatically improving speed, safety, precision and efficiency. The widespread use of smartphones makes communication possible practically anywhere, anytime. Physician use of mobile devices is widespread and growing rapidly. Nearly 90% of American health care workers use their personal phone at work, and 45% of clinicians already use mobile apps to collect data at bedside.

Take a Tour of Backline®

Watch a video demonstration of Backline to learn how you can leverage secure chat and text to improve productivity and patient outcomes while protecting PHI.

Backline Delivers Secure Text Messages for Instant Care Team Collaboration

DrFirst’s Backline communication and collaboration tool, specifically designed for use in healthcare environments, helps providers achieve better care coordination, better health outcomes, better transitions of care and lower hospital readmissions.

Available for iPhone and Android mobile devices, and web-based desktop environments:

  • Private, group and Patient-Centered Chat modes
  • Real-time delivery status indicators and timestamps
  • Supports attachments up to 20MBs, including photos, videos, audio files and documents
  • Secure text messaging encryption for physicians protects privacy, prevents unintended disclosure and meets HIPAA and Joint Commission requirements

Note to Patients: please view our patient success page for tips to make it simple and easy to connect with providers via telehealth.