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The healthcare universe is complex, interconnected, and ever-changing. At DrFirst, we call it the Healthiverse™—and we are driven to connect every corner of it.

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Feature-rich texting for desktop and mobile (iPhone & Android). Improves care coordination via instant sharing of clinical data, care team commentary and provider instructions for patient care in progress. Includes Patient-Centered Chat. Stand-alone system with available API integration.

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Backline EMS

Feature-rich texting for desktop and mobile (iPhone & Android). Improves care by providing on-the-scene access to medication history, even when patient is unresponsive, eliminating delays in care and helping prepare the ER team for immediate action upon patient’s arrival.

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Backline Telehealth

In light of the rapid spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), healthcare and government leaders have endorsed the use of telehealth technologies which can help prevent the spread of the virus. Backline gives providers all the communication capabilities they need to connect with patients and other care team members remotely, including video conferencing and HIPAA-compliant messaging, file sharing, forms completion, and more.

There’s no registration process, app for patients to download, limits on usage, or per-session fees. Backline is an easy-to-use, cost-effective platform with care collaboration features you won’t find in other telemedicine offerings.

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Clinical Messaging

With so many new drugs coming to market and new indications for existing drugs, it can be difficult for providers to keep up. To keep your brands in front of prescribers and top of mind, DrFirst can introduce clinical messaging within the e-prescribing workflow at the right point of care.

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Industry’s first two-factor authentication system with DEA-level security to transmit controlled substance prescriptions. And, in-workflow check of state Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) databases to identify potential abuse and comply with and automatically document mandated checks.


Patients must have timely and appropriate care, prior auth or not. Doctors need to know if a prior authorization is required for a member’s clinical service so that there is no delay in care.

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Huddle Health

The free Huddle Health mobile app makes managing care for yourself and those you care for easier by gathering and storing health information in one central location. It’s the perfect app to help patients get control of their medical information.

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Prescribe any drug from wherever you are, with just a few taps on your phone. Includes in-workflow PDMP check, medication history, drug alerts, and more.

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The broadest source of medication history data currently available anywhere. Use it to support faster, more accurate medication reconciliation. 


Patients will take medications they can afford. With myBenefitCheck, you can help them get the best price or recommend an affordable therapeutic equivalent to drive first-fills and medication adherence.

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Every body is different, and no two people will respond to a drug in exactly the same way. Offering services like clinical consultation and pharmacogenomic testing gives you the tools to help your patients get on the right therapy and dose for their genetic make-up. Now that’s clinical relevance.

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Pharmacy Data Sharing

Provides prescribers with access to the most comprehensive information currently available for local patients, by adding local independent pharmacy fill data to traditional sources of medication history.

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Award-winning legend drug e-prescribing solution, with integrated medication history, formulary, drug interaction, and medication adherence functionality.

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Innovative solution that leverages AI to translate, infer, and normalize data into consistent formats. Once med history is normalized, it is clinically actionable and able to trigger safety checks for drug interactions or allergy alerts.

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DrFirst’s patented AI solution helps pharmacies operate more efficiently by increasing the amount of accurate and precise information contained within electronic prescriptions and reducing the labor strain and risk of drug matching, transcribing prescription information, and entering ID card data.


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