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Predictive Data for One-Click E-prescribing Medication Strings

Developing medication order content used to be a time-intensive project, requiring months and many man hours of experienced staff researching the useful medication order strings for their facilities, manually adding appropriate order strings for each drug, removing inactive drugs, and manually adding new drugs as they become available. Still there were errors or omissions in SIG data requiring pharmacy call-backs, disrupting staff from patient care, and potentially delaying patient treatments.

DrFirst’s SmartStringsSM makes all of this a thing of the past.

SmartStrings are built with robust predictive data, automatically identifying the most commonly prescribed medication SIGs and delivering them into the medication reconciliation and e-prescribing workflow, improving both efficiency and accuracy. With DrFirst’s vast clinical prescribing data and large population of users, SmartStrings ensures that your medication order strings are up-to-date and accurate, and that the need for ongoing site maintenance of your drug order strings is virtually eliminated.

SmartStrings Features and Benefits

SmartStrings are compatible with leading HIS systems, including MEDITECH, Cerner, Epic and others:

  • Files are created with statistical methodology – DrFirst supplies data to support logically-limited drug look-ups based on a common subset
  • Pre-built medication orders statistically-significant rank order, enabling physicians to select their medication in the fewest possible steps—easily, intuitively, and without frustration
  • Reduces medication order time by up to 8 clicks per medication
  • Minimizes the need to build individual favorites for each provider
  • Improves RXM/AOM drug lookups as statistically relevant drugs have pre-built strings

Leave inefficient and inaccurate manual medication order string processes behind. Put the power of predictive analytics into your medication reconciliation and discharge e-prescribing workflows.

Health System Saves 15,000 Hours and $800,000 Using SmartStrings

Learn how a 1,484-physician health system with 300 locations saved 15,000 hours and an estimated $800,000 in their first year using SmartStrings.


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