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Medication Management Needs RcopiaAC for Hospitals / ERx and MedHx RcopiaAC

Integrated Medication History and E-Prescribing

RcopiaACSM is a robust integrated medication management software suite that helps hospitals and other acute care organizations improve the admission and discharge process, provide better patient care, reduce medication errors, and avoid adverse drug events and duplicate therapies.

As a powerful addition to your HIS system, RcopiaAC includes our industry-leading MedHx medication history data feed, DrFirst’s award-winning Rcopia e-prescribing software, and the option to add our EPCS GoldSM 2.0 controlled substance e-prescribing functionality.

Industry-leading Medication History Data

Improve medication reconciliation with 12 months of data from the most comprehensive medication history network available on the market:

  • Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) data
  • Pharmacy fill data
  • Hosted payer data
  • Data from 45,000 physicians and 300 EMR/EHR partner providers using the Rcopia e-prescribing platform

Award-winning E-prescribing Functionality

The discharge e-prescribing module in RcopiaAC is the #1 e-prescribing solution in the industry:

  • Verify clinical and drug interaction alerts and formulary information
  • Automated clinical decision support, including dosage checking and duplicate therapy alerts
  • Electronically prescribe for legend drugs
  • Electronically prescribe for controlled-substances (Schedule II-V) with the EPCS Gold 2.0 add-on

DrFirst has helped hundreds of hospitals and acute care organizations improve medication management with RcopiaAC, and we’re ready to help your organization.

Improve Patient Safety and Reduce Costs

Learn how Henry Ford Health System benefited from implementing DrFirst’s e-prescribing solution in their health system.


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