May 5, 2015

PITTSBURGH, PA – Net Health announces a partnership with DrFirst to facilitate client compliance with new mandates for electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS). Legislators in New York are the first to make law around the issue by requiring that all prescriptions for controlled substances be transmitted electronically, per regulations included in their Internet System for Tracking Over-Prescribing (I-STOP) Act.

These regulatory changes, originally mandated to take effect on March 27, 2015, and recently extended one year, will impact providers at Net Health’s Agility Software and WoundExpert® client facilities who prescribe controlled substances in New York.

The legislation is part of an overall ground swell to employ HIT (health information technology) in the fight against prescription drug abuse. Nationally, providers are being asked to help reduce drug abuse, drug diversion, and “doctor shopping.”

Net Health Chief Technology Officer, Christopher F. Hayes, states “Not only is the EPCS movement important, it also emphasizes how critical it is that we can react quickly to our clients’ evolving regulatory needs. We took proactive measures to handle this seamlessly inside our clients’ established workflow. Utilizing a solution partner, like DrFirst, allowed us to accommodate requirements rapidly and keep our clients ahead of the curve.”

DrFirst’s EPCS Gold℠ solution is integrated into Net Health’s Agility and WoundExpert software to facilitate onboarding, certification, and two factor authentication (requiring two forms of identification) demands for providers wishing to electronically prescribe controlled substances. This partnership also ensures that Net Health’s EPCS solutions meet federal DEA requirements.

Hayes adds, “The movement to utilize EPCS is already vast—and growing. Pharmacies in 49 states now accept EPCS and several states are considering legislation like I-STOP to support reduced prescription drug abuse. Should regulations be adopted in other states, this functionality can be accessed by clients in those geographies.”

G. Cameron Deemer, president of Rockville, Maryland-based DrFirst, explains, “Net Health is focusing tightly on building excellent core features into their application while responding to critical functionality clients may be required to use. Selecting DrFirst EPCS Gold for controlled substance prescribing ensures a fully managed service component that’s worry-free because we handle regulatory compliance, certification, security, and ongoing development.”

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