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Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror

February 7, 2005

“… There’s finally some evidence that shows the benefits of electronic prescribing.

About 100 doctors participated in the pilot program using software developed by Rockville-based DrFirst. Other members of the pilot were the D.C.-based Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare, Columbia-based MedStar Health and grocery store Safeway.

Catching drug errors before they occurred resulted in estimated savings of $100,000 in 2004. Study participants say if electronic prescribing were applied nationally, the savings could reach millions of dollars each year.

But many doctors remain skeptical about writing prescriptions like this because it costs money to buy new technology. Besides, some aren’t convinced it’s more effective than pen and paper. Supporters of the new way, however, are hopeful that more hard evidence will make it an easier pill to swallow.” [Neil Adler]

DrFirst also provides leading edge secure texting platforms for physicians, hospitals and EMR/EHR vendors.