Online news resource spotlights DrFirst’s unique approach: poke fun at healthcare’s antiquated reliance on pagers & fax machines as communication tools

March 10, 2016

Backline, Secure Texting by DrFirst, Featured in MedCityNews

A leading news resource that chronicles the business of healthcare innovation has shined a spotlight on the unique approach DrFirst took at the HIMSS16 show in Las Vegas to highlight Backline, the company’s HIPAA-compliant, secure texting solution.

DrFirst premiered a series of three comedy video shorts at the health IT conference that use satire to underscore the serious communication gaps that interfere with patient care and safety at hospitals throughout the country.

The videos, written and produced by Dr. Zubin “ZDoggMD” Damania, feature a disgruntled, burned-out practitioner named Doc Vader who tries without success to reach his colleague and sometime nemesis, the elusive O.B. Gyn.

In a March 3 article published in MedCityNews, longtime healthcare IT journalist Neil Versel laments the healthcare industry’s continued, antiquated reliance on pagers and the need for a more effective, secure communication solution.

“Only two types of people still use pagers,” Versel writes. “Doctors and drug dealers—and drug dealers upgraded years ago.”

“Fortunately, some at HIMSS16 in Las Vegas are trying to kill it off, some more conspicuously than others,” he writes.

The videos can be accessed at